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Peerless End-Point Firewall

Bastionne's SDi technology integrates advanced endpoint firewall capabilities, positioning it as the premier solution for contemporary network security needs. With a plug-and-play design, SDi is effortlessly deployed across cloud networks, private virtual clouds, and diverse digital infrastructures.

The ease of installation is paired with unparalleled security features, ensuring comprehensive protection for every endpoint. The autonomous nature of SDi enhances connection resilience by neutralising both common and advanced cyber threats, such as session hijacking and file update attacks. This approach reduces network complexity and alleviates management and governance challenges, making Bastionne's SDi an ideal choice for robust, efficient, and user-friendly cybersecurity​​​​.

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SDi ensures unparalleled network fortification and endpoint protection by integrating advanced packet inspection, verification, and authorization.

This capability extends to every endpoint running SDi, where unauthorised data packets are automatically blocked, ensuring seamless and robust security. Additionally, blacklisting and remediation are conducted autonomously, significantly reducing management complexity and ensuring continuous uptime.

DoS and DDoS Protection


Bastionne employs a triple packet verification mechanism that sequentially increases authorisation difficulty, efficiently blacklisting suspicious IPs. This robust process effectively mitigates denial of service attacks.

Enhanced Efficacy


Extending firewall capabilities to each endpoint rather than relying on a centralised system enhances security, eliminates vulnerabilities introduced by external devices and services, and reduces latency and verification time.

Reduced Management


After deployment, endpoints autonomously manage protection and remediation tasks such as verification, blacklisting, and whitelisting, reducing complexity and saving teams valuable time.

Zero Trust Enabling


Firewall capabilities extend to every instance, continuously verifying the integrity, validity, and authorization of every packet. Combined with Bastionne's advanced security features, this enables Zero Trust Network Access and true zero trust through micro-segmentation.

Easy Integration


Bastionne's integral operations enhance compatibility across diverse systems and infrastructures, from aerospace and healthcare to Industry 4.0, by avoiding complex third-party methodologies.

Ensure Business Continuity


When individual endpoints are empowered to protect themselves and verify data, the network becomes more robust and segmented. This approach ensures critical processes remain operational and isolated from threats and attack vectors, resulting in greater resilience to disruptions and compliance with regulations.

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