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Try to Hack

Welcome to Bastionne’s Project Sagan, where skepticism meets undeniable proof.

Bastionne’s SDi technology promises revolutionary protection. To substantiate our bold claims, we invite you to break through our defenses. We’ve placed a virtual machine with a secret code in a cloud environment, secured solely by SDi. Armed with the VM's login details and IP address, your challenge is simple: hack it and retrieve the secret code.

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This Is Secure Digital Interaction

2 613 262 Attacks Prevented

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We invite naysayers to try and hack a Virtual Machine protected by SDi and retrieve a secret code from it. 

Attacks and incidents are updated weekly.



Dave is a senior technician working for a fictional company. Unbeknownst to his employers, Dave was compromised by you, and you successfully managed to steal the credentials of their Virtual Machine on an Azure Vnet, that contains a very sensitive code. Your mission is to steal this code.

Fortunately for Dave and his employers, this VM is protected by a Bastionne SDi unit deployed on the same Vnet. Can you breach the cloud network and retrieve the secret code?



Using the compromised credentials and any tools at your disposal, you must attempt to gain access to the Virtual Machine and retrieve the secret code within. 

Rules of Engagement


All hacking attempts must adhere to the scenario's scope. Direct your attacks and techniques only towards the fictional company's assets: their Vnet, SDi unit, Virtual Machines, and Dave. Any attacks targeting Bastionne, Inc. assets, individuals, partners, clients, or associates are illegal and will be treated as criminal activity.

SDi is an end-to-end solution, so even if you do target Bastionne, Inc., it will yield no boon to you and only result in legal consequences.

A successful hack involves retrieving the code from the fictional company's Virtual Machine. If you succeed, please contact us with the non-hashed version of the code and a detailed account of your methodologies. We will then discuss appropriate compensation.



Public IP address:

Private IP address:

Username: dave

Password: widbav-faBfa6-zyjruv

Secret file: secret.txt

Secret code hashed 3 times with SHA 512: a614dba1688d0cb4b1fabdc446863068c2e3ce71460cdc9ea1dc7aa7bfbaca716d09dd9cf81e8f0411050a829c6935c47fe3aa7cef48d107567de5311b1cc51627c3a

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