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How Bastionne Can Help


Peerless Device to Device Security and Validation.


Create applications that offer revolutionary real-time machine identity verification and security for critical operations like manufacturing and payments.



IoT Device Security


The IoT is the future, however, it is fraught with security risks. With Bastionne enterprises can easily secure their connected devices.

Ingenious Inventory Management 


Prevent stock-theft and mismanagement with real-time and affordable next generation blockchain technology.



Email Validation and Phishing Prevention


Quickly secure your clients from malicious emails or messages with a liberating system that easily integrates into your current platforms(s).

Quantum Computer Resistant Encryption


Protect data in transit and at rest with a powerful protocol that thwarts quantum computer attacks. 


OTPs That Cannot Be Intercepted or Manipulated


Protect critical operations from third-party carriers and hackers with real-time and recipient-authenticating messages, that contain OTPs.

Secure, User-Friendly Two-Factor Authentication


Verify users and their intentions with a hyper secure, intuitive and customisable 2FA system that does not pester your users.


Facilitate Ultra Secure In-App Purchases 


Sell digital assets and subscriptions that cannot be stolen or abused by clients or third-parties. You can even secure NFTs.

Spoofing and Phishing Free Platforms 


Create applications that completely prevent scammers from sending unwanted or malicious content to your users, or even worse impersonating you.

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