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Increase Revenue and Secure Your Reputation

Cybersecurity Problems are Unrealised Profit: Capitalise on the Opportunity to Provide Secure Digital Interaction with Bastionne's SDi Technology

SDi is autonomous data security and endpoint protection software engineered for cloud, corporate, and industrial environments. It solidifies your operations and prepares your clients for post-quantum threats, while effortlessly integrating into both new and legacy systems via an easy to deploy gateway.

With an MSP-friendly compensation and resale structure, it turns security woes into revenue streams.


Autonomous Protection


Prevail against current and emerging threats, and provide uninterrupted operations with a comprehensive and integral suite of cyber defense mechanisms that enhance your credibility as a trusted integrator.



Revenue Generation 


SDi introduces substantial opportunities for revenue generation: due to post-quantum pressures, competitive commission structures, and the ability to provide MSP or MSSP bundled solutions that enhance value for your users. 

Plug-and-Play Quantum Cybersecurity


SDi's advanced security measures protect your clients' digital environments against quantum threats, which is a worldwide concern with governments starting to mandate post-quantum measures. This presents a lucrative opportunity to expand your addressable market size.


Scalable and Adaptable


Designed for growth, SDi easily scales with your clients' needs, ensuring you can continuously meet their evolving security demands with a plug-and-play package that easily integrates on modern and legacy networks .



Why SDi?

Fragmented security systems create gaps in defenses. To counteract this, SDi offers a unified solution that simplifies cybersecurity management and enhances protection. By consolidating critical security components into a single, easy-to-install and manage product, SDi eliminates the complexities and vulnerabilities associated with disparate systems. This comprehensive approach not only streamlines integration and management—common sources of security failures—but also harmonises all security aspects, significantly mitigating threats, reducing attack vectors, and simplifying governance.

SDi Delivers Secure Digital Interaction by Integrating These Core Technologies into a Single, Revolutionary Product:


Private Network

Secure Access
Service Edge

security (1).png

Machine Identity Management

quantum-computing (1).png

Quantum Secure

firewall (1).png

Endpoint Firewall

Heavy Traffic and DoS Attacks


Observe SDi's performance under extreme conditions as it delivers steadfast authorisation while encrypting data to quantum-secure standards and withstanding DoS attacks.

Calling All Integrators and Service Providers

We are actively onboarding select integrators and managed service providers, with strong locational presence, to serve as regional support and referral partners. As part of our compensation package, partners will receive 20% of our recurring sales from the region, plus they have the freedom to set their own installation and management fees, which are paid directly by the client.

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