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Machine Identity Management

Bastionne's Machine Identity Management (MIM) stands apart with its integration of quantum-resistant cryptography and implementation of a robust zero trust framework.

Utilising our sovereign security technology, it ensures secure and verifiable identity management. Fully autonomous and robust, while offering scalability and efficiency, adapting to network needs.

an Icon denoting machine identity management for cloud security

Every Data Packet Is Issued a Unique Machine Identity Token


Each token is independently generated by the endpoint requesting access using quantum-secure cryptographic and mathematical processes. It is uniquely solvable only by the endpoint granting access. This ensures peerless authorisation and privileged access management for every data packet.

True Zero Trust


Authorising every data packet with a unique token, prevents illegitimate access if credentials or sessions are compromised. Bastionne takes zero trust to the next level, it doesn't even trust previously verified machines!

Reduced Management


After deployment, endpoints handle identity tasks like authorisation, escalation, remediation, and renewal autonomously, reducing complexity and saving teams valuable time.

Reduced Latency


Complete autonomy guarantees faster authorisation, resulting in an enhanced digital experience while affording superior interoperability with services that would be impeded by other identity management systems.

Easy Integration


Due to it's autonomous operations Bastionne requires no third-party identity management or brokering, enhancing security while enabling easy integration with your existing IT and security infrastructure.

Superior Segmentation 


Bastionne's hyper segmented nature enables precise control over access, reducing the attack surface and minimising the risk of breaches. This ensures stronger data protection and greater security assurance.



Quantum-secure symmetric encryption ensures enhanced security and assurance. Bastionne uses a unique key for each data packet, offering greater and more efficient protection against emerging threats.

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