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Quantum Secure Gateway

Bastionne's technology prepares communication and digital interaction for the future with its quantum gateway capability, encrypting data with unparalleled strength and efficiency .

Quantum-resistant encryption and mathematical processes ensure that every packet of data transferred between devices and cloud instances are secure, even to the most advanced emerging threats. It is reinforced by a sophisticated zero trust framework, assuring continuous validation and security at every touchpoint.

Designed with security, agility and scalability in mind, Bastionne is the optimal choice for organisations seeking a future-ready, interoperable solution that easily integrates with their current infrastructure and security systems.

an Icon denoting quantum secure encryption for cloud security.

Every Data Packet Is Encrypted With a
Unique Quantum-Secure Symmetric Key


Each key is autonomously created, for every data packet, by the respective endpoints using quantum-secure cryptographic and mathematical processes, ensuring that keys can only be generated by the designated sending and receiving endpoints. This capability supports the use of robust, efficient symmetric key encryption protocols such as AES 256, enhancing overall security and reducing latency.



Bastionne uses quantum-secure symmetric key encryption to protect data in transit and at rest. Simply, initialise the endpoint with a handshake key; thereafter, all data and key updates are encrypted with symmetric keys.

Superior Security


Each data packet is encrypted with a unique symmetric key, thwarting "harvest now, decrypt later" attacks and securing against session key interception by hackers.

Reduced Latency


Complete autonomy reduces latency by eliminating the need for slow and complex third-party services like PKI systems. This enhances interoperability with infrastructure that would be otherwise hindered.

Reduced Management


After deployment, endpoints handle encryption tasks like key management, rotation, remediation, and destruction autonomously, reducing complexity and saving teams valuable time.

Easy Integration


Bastionne's integral operations enhance compatibility across diverse systems and infrastructures, from aerospace and healthcare to Industry 4.0, by avoiding complex third-party methodologies.

Ensure Business Continuity


Bastionne employs a self-healing system with replication prevention, ensuring that data sent to or from an endpoint can only be decrypted by the intended recipient, even if a device is compromised.

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