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Revolutionary Ideas Come From Anywhere

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Security Vulnerabilities Should Not Stand in Their Way.

So We Decided to Do Something About It.

Introducing Revolution 


An initiative by Bastionne to make our industry-leading security technology accesible to founders working on impactful solutions that improve the world.

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Secure Your Solution Without Inhibitions


We sponsor a proprietary usage license of Bastionne and do all the integration work for no upfront cost. We only get reimbursed when you start generating revenue.

Create and Scale  


As your security sponsor we will be one of your earliest allies and help you to create a custom security stack around your solution. All benefits included.


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When you start generating more than US$ 1 Million ARR we ask for a 5% share of revenue. This allows us to test, implement and scale your idea without you risking valuable resources. 

We welcome anyone from anywhere to apply. Please fill out the form below so that we can learn more about your idea.

Curious about the value Bastionne provides? Learn more here!
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