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Secure Access Service Edge

It is possible to extend the security offered by Bastionne to other devices and have an SDi unit act as a Secure Access Service Edge.

Bastionne's autonomous capabilities redefines network security with its plug-and-play functionality, seamlessly integrating into cloud networks, private virtual clouds, and more.

Designed for intuitive deployment, it offers an enhanced approach to secure access, ensuring robust protection across any digital environment. Making it the perfect fit for organisations seeking a flexible, efficient, and highly secure network access solution. 

an Icon denoting SASE, secure access service edge, for cloud security.

SDi ensures secure, seamless access by integrating quantum-secure VPN, firewall, threat-adaptation, and identity management technologies into a single, easy-to-deploy software instance.

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This enhances security while boasting superior ease of integration, reduced management complexity, and lower latency. Additionally, it guards against breaches even if credentials are compromised and prepares networks for future quantum computing threats.



Bastionne uses quantum-secure symmetric key encryption to protect all data, including key reset and rotation instructions, this gives greater security assurance than relying on unknown protocols.

End-to-End Data Security


Integral and autonomous operation ensure that encryption keys are never shared with any third-party device or service, not even our own, resulting in end-to-end secure data traversal.

Reduced Management


After deployment, endpoints handle encryption tasks like key management, rotation, remediation, and destruction autonomously, reducing complexity and saving teams valuable time.

Zero Trust Enabling


SDi operates as both a SASE on the network and directly on endpoints through virtualisation software or Docker. Paired with Bastionne's advanced security features, this enables Zero Trust Network Access and true zero trust through micro-segmentation.

Easy Integration


Bastionne's integral operations enhance compatibility across diverse systems and infrastructures, from aerospace and healthcare to Industry 4.0, by avoiding complex third-party methodologies.

Ensure Business Continuity


Bastionne employs a self-healing system with replication prevention, ensuring that data sent to or from an endpoint can only be decrypted by the intended recipient, even if a device is compromised. Ensuring better protection and network resilience. 

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