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Quantum Computers Are Coming

And They Threaten the Digital Foundation on Which Your Business Is Built.


Quantum computers are much more powerful than regular computers. They can crack the industry standard algorithm to secure machine identities, RSA cryptography, in an estimated 8 hours according to a paper published by Craig Gidney from Google and Martin Ekera from the Royal Institute of Technology. 

And it can go down to 10 seconds as innovation with quants rapidly increases.


Your Current Systems Likely Use Public-Key Cryptography

The Y2K time bomb of this century.
Fortunately, there is a solution!




It will take a quantum computer an estimated 2.29*10^32 years to crack data secured with Bastionne.



Bastionne can easily be integrated onto an existing tech platform.



Completely customisable for the specific problem you have. Bastionne can solve your current and future security woes.

Quantum computers are not a science fiction novelty anymore. You can currently buy one, in the year 2024, from D-Wave Systems. Given the rate at which computer technology progresses every year, current security systems and measures will fail spectacularly within a few years. To put this in another perspective, imagine it is April 1998 and forewarnings about the Y2K bomb have started to surface. That is where we are with quantum computers.

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