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An Unparalleled VPN

Bastionne revolutionises VPN technology for enterprises, offering unmatched security with quantum-resistant cryptography and zero trust centric processes.

Its permissioned blockchain ensures immutable data integrity, while fully autonomous processes and sovereign machine identity management optimise security, scalability, and efficiency, which makes it ideal for high-stakes security environments that require low latency.

It transcends traditional VPN capabilities, providing a robust, future-proof data safeguard that adapts to the evolving demands of the digital landscape.

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Every Data Packet Is Encrypted With a Unique Symmetric Key, 
Triple Authenticated, and Validated to Create an Impermeable End-to-End Data Pipe 

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This significantly boosts data security, while minimising disruptions to business processes in the event of receiving invalid packets. Additionally, it guards against data leaks, even if session keys are compromised and prepares communications for future threats such as those posed by quantum computing, ensuring robust protection in evolving cybersecurity landscapes.



Bastionne uses quantum-secure symmetric key encryption to protect all data, including key reset and rotation instructions, this gives greater security assurance than relying on unknown protocols.

Superior Security


Each data packet is encrypted with a unique symmetric key, thwarting "harvest now, decrypt later" attacks and securing against session key interception by hackers.

End-to-End Data Assurance


Integral and autonomous operation ensure that encryption keys are never shared with any third-party device or service, not even our own, resulting in end-to-end secure data traversal.

Reduced Management


After deployment, endpoints handle encryption tasks like key management, rotation, remediation, and destruction autonomously, reducing complexity and saving teams valuable time.

Easy Integration


Bastionne's integral operations enhance compatibility across diverse systems and infrastructures, from aerospace and healthcare to Industry 4.0, by avoiding complex third-party methodologies.

Ensure Business Continuity


Bastionne employs a self-healing system with replication prevention, ensuring that data sent to or from an endpoint can only be decrypted by the intended recipient, even if a device is compromised.

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