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Bastionne logo, that pictures a chess rook on a hexagon, denoting cybersecurity.

Convenient, Complete, and Cost-Effective Cyber Protection

Introducing Bastionne,
Fully Autonomous Data Security & Endpoint Protection Software for IT, OT, Cloud, and Beyond.

A new cybersecurity frontier where each endpoint prevents unauthorised access, safeguards data, and adapts to threats by itself

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Fragmented Security Systems Are Fragile

The security of a network is like a chain—only as robust as its weakest link. Fragmented security systems and services not only create defensive gaps but also compound the challenges of integration, management, and governance.

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The Solution: Full Autonomy 

Bastionne redefines endpoint protection and data security by consolidating core security technologies into a single, autonomous instance. Traditional approaches rely on external services like key management and identity validation. Even conventional and private blockchain solutions depend on external services which introduce vulnerabilities.

Bastionne stands apart by offering complete autonomous protection. This autonomy strengthens individual endpoints and fortifies the entire network.

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The Result: Revolutionary Efficacy and Efficiency

Bastionne enables enhanced security, with less management, reduced complexity, and simplified installation. Protection of your business becomes not just possible, but less burdensome and more cost-effective too.

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Extraordinary Claims Require Extraordinary Evidence

2 613 262
Attacks Prevented


Bastionne and our flagship product, SDi, are trusted by all our partners and clients. However, we understand that skepticism may persist given the challenging cybersecurity landscape. That's why we launched the Sagan Project, inviting anyone who questions the efficacy of Bastionne to try and hack it. Learn more here.

Attacks and incidents are updated weekly.

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What Can Bastionne Do?

Autonomous Data and Endpoint Security


Leveraging our sovereign security technology and post-quantum encryption protocols, Bastionne offers the ultimate in cybersecurity innovation⎯an integral instance of core security tools and services, with no reliance on outside services or systems, not even our own. This enables endpoints to protect themselves and data, and adapt according to threats and challenges.


Mitigate Risk and Liability


The digital landscape is fraught with risk for enterprises. Bastionne actively prevents cyberattacks and erroneous operations, and offers businesses a clear path to regulatory compliance.

Easily Deploy a Robust and Effective Zero Trust Network


Bastionne automatically micro-segments and isolates devices on a network. Additionally, it verifies device identities and data integrity for each digital interaction. Resultantly, Bastionne offers an effective means to achieve true zero trust architecture.



Build an Auditable Trail of Verification and Access Events


Bastionne creates an immutable ledger of all verification events. This lets enterprises carry out more stringent security audits while affording them a greater overview of device usage and activity patterns.

Easy Legacy System Integration

Bastionne can be easily integrated onto legacy or cutting-edge platforms to safeguard critical operations.


Mass IoT Enablement


IoT devices present a massive attack vector. Bastionne is cable of verifying the identities of connected devices without a doubt, while adhering to zero trust principals and introducing little overhead. 

Why Embrace Autonomy?

Cyberattacks are escalating in sophistication and frequency, posing significant challenges for businesses. Everyone knows this.


Yet security solutions exacerbate these challenges by introducing additional vulnerabilities and complexities. This results from relying on multiple disjointed tools and technologies, which complicate integration and create security gaps.


A truly autonomous approach, where each endpoint or device independently verifies identities, encrypts and validates data, remediates, and adapts to threats, is essential for real device and data protection. This autonomy is the key to delivering true security assurance. This is the promise of Bastionne and the benefits are legion.

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Bastionne has the ability to absolutely establish and verify the identities between interacting devices, thereby, actively preventing attacks and breaches.


It also builds an auditable ledger of access events so that more effective security audits can be performed to help security teams pinpoint and monitor devices, and events on their network.


Bastionne works by validating every device interaction, micro-segmenting devices on a network, and isolating them. This means enterprises have a straightforward means to achieve zero trust architecture, allowing them to deploy more secure software and networks faster, which in turn reduces costs and risk.


Bastionne is built with cutting edge quantum-secure technology, makes no network calls, and is faster, more secure, and robust than any other solution.  

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Key Benefits Compared to Other Solutions


Complete Autonomy
By consolidating all necessary technology into an integral instance, Bastionne provides better, more efficient security.



Easy Integration
Effortless integration into modern and legacy systems.


Reduced Latency
No reliance on external services enhance efficiency, security, and interoperability.


Immutable Event Logs
Enhanced security audits and device usage insights.


Continuous Verification
New credentials and symmetric encryption keys for every data packet.


Bastionne enables true zero trust architecture; devices in the same network continuously verify each other.

News and Developments


Bastionne Crowned as Best Solution in Lisbon Cyber Summit 


We are pleased to announce that Bastionne has been awarded as the best solution at the InnCyber Cyber and Defense Summit in Lisbon 2024! 

We extend our heartfelt thanks to everyone who has accompanied us along this journey. 

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