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Bastionne logo, that pictures a chess rook on a hexagon, denoting cybersecurity.

Sovereign Machine
Identity Management

Introducing Bastionne. MIM software for critical operations and assets.

What Does Bastionne Do?

Machine Identity Management for Critical Operations


Enterprise and industrial operations require robust machine identity verification. Bastionne continuously validates the identities of devices without using public-keys. This offers unrivalled security and customisable access decisions for critical operations. 


Mitigate Risk and Liability


The digital landscape is fraught with risk for enterprises. Bastionne actively prevents cyberattacks and erroneous operations, and offers businesses a clear path to regulatory compliance.

Easily Deploy a Robust and Effective Zero Trust Network


Bastionne automatically micro-segments and isolates devices on a network. It also verifies device identities for each digital interaction. Resultantly, Bastionne offers an effective means to achieve zero trust architecture.



Build an Auditable Trail of Verification and Access Events


Bastionne creates an immutable ledger of all verification events. This lets enterprises carry out more stringent security audits while affording them a greater overview of device usage and activity patterns.

Easy Legacy System Integration

Bastionne can be easily integrated onto legacy or cutting-edge platforms to safeguard critical operations. It also offers developers straightforward customisation parameters so that they can address use-cases of their choosing.


Mass IoT Enablement


IoT devices present a massive attack vector. Bastionne is cable of verifying the identities of connected devices without a doubt, while adhering to zero trust principals. This makes Bastionne the only viable security solution for enterprise IoT environments.

Why Do Critical Operations Need Stronger Machine Identity Management?

Cyberattacks that misuse machine identities have surged by 1,600% over the last five years. It has become vital for enterprises to have strong MIM in place. The irony is that these attacks have become more advanced and specialised while developers only had the same old limited and insufficient tools such as certificates, and PKI systems to address this. Furthermore, those tools are plainly incapable of being used for many critical operations.  

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This is where Bastionne comes in. A sovereign machine identity management solution - designed for critical operations - that helps enterprises reduce risk by actively preventing attacks and breaches.


Bastionne also builds an auditable ledger of access events so that more effective security audits can be performed to help security teams pinpoint and monitor devices, and events on their network.


Bastionne works by validating every device interaction, micro-segmenting devices on a network, and isolating them. This means enterprises have a straightforward means to achieve zero trust architecture, allowing them to deploy more secure software and networks faster, which in turn reduces costs and risk.


Bastionne is built with cutting edge quantum-resistant technology, makes no network calls, and is faster, more secure, and robust than any other machine identity management solution.  

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Key Benefits Compared to Other MIM Solutions


Deep Isolation


Behind Your Firewall


Microsecond Speed


Immutable Event Logs


Continuous Verification



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