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The Missing Link in Blockchain Technology

Introducing Bastionne. A Peer-To-Peer Blockchain That Uses Artificial Intelligence for Real-Time Private and Secure Applications.

What Does The Bastionne Blockchain Do?

Eliminate Spoofing and Phishing 


Real-time sender and source verification. Protecting your and your clients' info has never been easier.


More Secure and Easy-To-Use OTPs and Two-Factor Authentication


Current security systems are vulnerable due to exploitable external service providers, such as mobile network carriers etc. Bastionne provides a completely, end-to-end, secure and private solution. And it is more user-friendly for people with disabilities.

New Beneficiary or Account Registration Verification


Secure your clients' accounts and your business from malicious withdrawals or activities by implementing an affordable and intuitive security layer.


Real-Time and Affordable In-App Purchases.


Protect in-app or in-game accounts and purchases with cutting-edge blockchain technology, that is easy to integrate and customisable, for different use cases

Private and Secure Content Sharing.


Blockchains that use external device validators are unsuitable for applications that require privacy. Bastionne is completely private and secure, making it the ideal method to share sensitive information with intended recipients.



Reduces Data Costs.


The Bastionne Blockchain is affordable and scalable. It costs less to setup, implement and use than any other security solution, blockchain or SMS service


How Does It Work?

Validation and security protocols of the Bastionne Blockchain are done with artificial intelligence, which makes validation peer-to-peer, private and faster than alternative blockchains. Thereby, eliminating the need for external validators that previous generation blockchains require. This makes the Bastionne Blockchain end-to-end secure and private whilst using much less resources such as data, electricity and computational power.

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Each sender and recipient pair is allocated its own private blockchain, which is only usable by the sending entity and intended recipient, affording a hyper-private blockchain to secure data and prevent cybercrime. Previous generation blockchain technology is not suitable for most enterprise applications due to privacy. For example, it is not a good idea to put private financial or transaction details on a public blockchain, where third parties or validators can access the data and use it for nefarious purposes.


Organisations try to overcome this by making their blockchains psuedo-private and using a delegation validation mechanism where specific computers are chosen to validate their blockchains. However, this defeats the purpose as participants in the blockchain are vulnerable to attacks by the chosen validating computer(s) due to manipulation from whomever controls the system, or the majority of it, be it due to direct manipulation from the developers or a hacking event, i.e. a 51% attack. 

Bastionne, on the other hand, is end-to-end private and secure, meaning no third-party can compromise the system as there aren't any to begin with. Affording the only true peer-to-peer and device-to-device level solution.

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Key Benefits Compared to Other Blockchains








Easy Integration




51% Attack Proof



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