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Secure Digital Interaction

Say Hello to SDi: The Revolutionary Bastionne Software in a Ready to Deploy and Use Solution

The Bastionne logo, a modernized chess rook and hexagon in a vivid neon turquoise, denoting cutting edge cybersecurity and sovereign identity management.

Autonomous data security and endpoint protection in an easy-to-use and install Linux software package. Ready to use directly on your endpoints or as a gateway.

Engineered for cloud and industrial control environments, it works flawlessly alongside your current technology and security infrastructure, including legacy systems. 

Achieving revolutionary protection has never been easier or more accessible. 

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Autonomous Data Security and Endpoint Protection
in a Ready to Deploy and Use Solution.

Secure Digital Interaction, Simplified.

Cloud Security


Elevate your cloud security to new heights with cutting-edge and comprehensive protection. The perfect solution for remote access, network segmentation, zero-trust, and more.

A cloud security icon consisting of a image of a cloud with a lock, that branches to various endpoints
Image denoting a programmable logic controler secured with Bastionne's SDi technology

Industrial Control

Industrial control systems are under siege, facing relentless attacks from sophisticated adversaries and nation-sponsored actors. SDi stands as your bulwark, delivering unyielding resilience and fortification against evolving cyber threats.

Integration Support

Comprehensive library of guides, diagrams, and videos to assist you with implementing SDi. While the integral operations and scope of SDi might seem daunting, we assure you, implementation thereof is not.

Image of a gear and a plug, denoting the plug-and-play aspect of Bastionne's SDi technology.
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