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Cloud Security Concerns?
Consider Them Conquered.

Autonomous data security and endpoint protection software for cloud and hybrid-cloud networks in a ready to deploy and use Linux solution.

Simply install the SDi software on a virtual or physical machine and start securing endpoints in as little as 5 minutes. It is that simple. 

SDi works with any Internet Protocol enabled device, meaning it works perfectly alongside your current infrastructure. 

cloud security icon consisting of a cloud with a lock protecting endpoints.
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In an era where data breaches topple trust, the strength of your cloud architecture is paramount. Yet, most solutions still rely on disparate technologies to function, creating security weaknesses and increasing integration and management complexity.

The Solution is SDi, plug-and-play autonomous data security and endpoint protection software for cloud networks.

Bastionne's SDi Enables Secure Digital Interaction for Cloud Networks by Combining the Following Into a Single Integral Instance

an icon denoting VPN connections for cloud security
an icon denoting SASE (Secure Access Service Edge) for cloud security.
an icon denoting machine identity management for cloud security
an icon denoting encryption for cloud security
an Icon denoting an endpoint firewall for cloud security.

SDi Adheres to the Following and Can Help You Achieve the Same, and More

New Project (12).png


New Project (12).png

CSF 2.0

New Project (12).png

SP 800

New Project (12).png

SP 800

New Project (12).png


SDi in Action

Heavy Traffic and DoS Attacks


Observe SDi's performance under extreme conditions as it delivers steadfast authorisation while encrypting data to quantum-secure standards and withstanding DoS attacks.

Easy integration with your current infrastructure and security systems, combined with intrinsic scaling: whether one endpoint or a thousand, SDi performs consistently. This flexibility allows you to conduct a risk-free proof of concept or trial.

Alternatively, you can
book a free appointment on our test bench to see how it will enhance your cybersecurity setup's efficacy and efficiency.

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